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Automotive Battery

An automotive battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile.
An automotive SLI battery as follows;

    Low Maintenance Battery (LM)
    Long Lifespan, High Power, Guaranteed Millions of Worldwide. The classical power solution with the strong power source, 3K Low Maintenance Battery utilizes full starting power as the right choice for a wide range of vehicles.
    Technology and Highlights
    ? Longer Service Life
    ? Reliable Starting Power
    ? High Performance

    Maintenance Free Battery (MF)
    Advanced Performance, Advanced Power Supply, Proven Millions of Worldwide
    With the superior technical features, 3K Advanced Maintenance Free Battery
    optimizes more sophisticated application, more remarkable starting power and
    higher performance. It permanently meets the customer as the ideal everyday use.
    Technology and Highlights
    ? Longer Service Life
    ? Reliable Starting Power
    ? High Performance

    Sealed Maintenance Free battery (SMF)
    The Absolute Power Source, Assured Millions of Worldwide.
    The practice-and future-oriented developments with high quality product level,
    Sealed Maintenance Free Battery has reputedly been introduced by
    Hitachi Chemical Storage Battery (Thailand) PLC. as the First Manufacturer in
    Thailand. We deliver its higher starting up ability, maximum reserve capacity,
    utmost durability which have always been adhering to the highest quality standard.
    Technology and Highlights
    ? The Higher Cold Cranking Start Up
    ? The Maximum Reserve Capacity
    ? The Extreme Durability
    ? The Absolute Safety and Convenience

Motorcycle Battery

    High cranking start, tough and durability, easy maintenance and a long lifespan
    Technology and Highlights
    ? The Higher Cold Cranking Start Up
    ? The Maximum Reserve Capacity
    ? The Extreme Durability
    ? The Absolute Safety and Convenience

Lighting Battery

    Consistent power with durable usage and long-life service. Lighting battery
    is rechargeable batteries use for camping, power backup, and power lighting.

Golf Cart Battery

    With high technology, innovative method and maximum integrity,
    3K Electric Golf Cart Battery is merely well-known as one of the best golf batteries
    in Thailand. We, 3K Battery as the first manufacturer in golf cart battery
    in Thailand, deliver a confident power source with higher performance and
    less maintenance.
    ? Incessant High Rate Energy
    ? Deep Discharge Rate (80%)
    ? High Vibration Resistance
    ? Easy to Re-Charge
    ? Long Life Cycle

Deep Cycle (EB) Battery

    3K Battery provides more reliability and longer discharge ability.
    We eager to subsequently forward the heaviest power consumption with
    the revolution technology. High durability and more productivity invest
    the last longer energy with the extensive knowledge and experience.
    ? Longer Discharge Ability
    ? Larger and Thicker Plates
    ? Good Corrosion Resistance

Traction Battery

    Battery forklift have replaced conventional forklift (i.e., internal-combustion engine
    type) as measures for the incising demand on clean environments in various sites
    where forklift take an active role, such as factories, distribution centers,
    warehouses, ports and harbors, airports, etc. The batteries as a driving source of
    battery forklift are an outcome of integrating a number of superior technologies
    based on long-time practices and affluent experiences, and still advancing
    by inheriting these. Now, we have newly adopted negative plate additives to
    enhance discharge properties at low temperatures. thereby our conventional
    traction batteries being reborn as PLUS. We has designed, developed, and
    manufactured batteries including those for traction batteries under the
    quality management system based on the certified standard of ISO 9001.

    The active material density of the positive plate has been optimized.
    The specification of well-balanced battery capacity
    and life performance has been realized.

Stationary Battery

    Advanced and innovative technologies that increase battery durability and
    performance. Well-designed for safe use and easy maintenance.
    we can offer a reliable and environment-friendly energy source for backup
    systems for innumerable applications, such as: telecom business, the railways,
    electricity cabins, uninterruptible power supplies, ups, electricity and
    nuclear power plants, wind, and solar energy etc.
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